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Fostering Baby's Communication Skills

>> Wonder what to do to help baby develop age appropriate language and communication skills?

>> Searching for practical and stress-free tips to help boost your baby's language?

>> Have questions about baby's speech & language milestones and development?

As parents, we want to know what typical communication skills should look like as a child develops. This can help us to understand our child, communicate with them better, and be able to support or challenge their current stage.

It is never too early to start working on Baby's Communication Skills. 


In this guide, we will help you answer questions such as:

Is my baby on track?

What can I do to help baby stay on track?

What are some vocabulary words I can focus on?

What are some toys or items that might help foster language?

We asked the same questions + compiled all the information for you into a guide, written by a Speech Language Pathologist just for you.


Learn exactly how to help your little one develop their language and communication skills.

Ready to start? Communication Skills can be fostered every day in very simple ways.

VERSION 2 of speech milestones.png

In This Guide We Cover: 

Speech & Language Tips from Birth-Two Years Old.

0-24 Months Communication Milestones .

How to Foster Speech and Language from the Start.

How to Build Language Through Routines.

Vocabulary list of high frequency words. 

Top 5 Language Strategies.

Let's Play - Ideas and Favorite Toys.

We got you!

Finding yourself googling too much to find the right information?!

The search is over, we compiled all the information for you into a short and informative guide, written by a Speech Language Pathologist.

VERSION 2 of speech milestones.png

“I am loving this guide!

So son is 14 months old and communicates very little, I got lots of good ideas of what I can do better to help him communicate with us to avoid him getting so frustrated. This guide is well organized and I have printed a couple pages to keep on hand. ”

Sarah Ask

About the Authors

After having my first child in 2018 I started MamaGuide, a creative outlet to help new mothers transition into motherhood. I quickly learned that adapting to motherhood and the wealth of advice that came along with it, was not one size fits all. This made me want to create a platform that could connect and help mothers around the world. 


Caley is a pediatric speech-language pathologist and works with children ages birth-18 years. She currently works in an outpatient clinic and does home visits for children birth-age 3. She is also a mom to a 2 year old little boy! When the pandemic hit, she started Learn with Chatterboxes to share tips and foster fun and engaging hands-on play while working on speech and language skills. Caley is passionate about empowering parents and helping children reach their full potential. She truly loves her job!


Caley Nunnally

Hila Bahari

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