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School Prep for Littles 101

Sharing some of my favorite back to school products, and some helpful tips for toddlers.


Is your little one starting a school program this fall? My oldest started when he was 19 months old and it was such an emotional transition for the both of us. I was almost 9 months pregnant at the time and really needed him to transition quickly and smoothly, but of course, he wasn't having it and the transition was a bit longer for us than I originally expected. I want to share with you some of my favorite back to school products (of course, there will be some deals below!) but I also want to share with you some helpful tips for toddlers.

First of all, we LOVE reading Lama Lama Misses Mama in preparation for school separation.

Here is a simple list of items you will most likely need that we love!

(click the items to view or shop them)

  • Twelve little Backpack (Large size shown below) currently on sale and only TWO colors left.

  • Target Backpack (small size shown below) this or this

  • Labels from Mabel's Labels (use code MAMAGUIDE10)

  • Lunchbox (small)

  • Lunchbox (large)

  • Water bottle this large one or this one

  • Security item- if your child has a lovey or a doll/teddy they use bring an extra one to school for the transition period. This will help your child feel safe in their new environment for the early weeks.

Many parents worry about their kids eating habits when attending school. The truth is, kids tend to eat better, for the most part, when eating with their friend and doing what “everyone else is doing”. So dont stress it.

Your job is to pack a well balanced meal for your child, there will be many trial and errors but my suggestion is to always keep adding new exposures in your childs box even if you think they won't touch it.

Tip: practice eating in the lunchbox and opening/closing the lunchbox with your child a couple weeks before school begins.

Below are some of my sons favorites in his lunchbox but you can click HERE to see many more suggestions.

P.S. If your child school is nut free you should definitely try the granola butters from Oat Haus and use code Mamaguide or find them at Whole Foods. SO GOOD!

If you want to learn more about the different lunch box options check out the below and click here to see some of our personal favorites on my amazon shop. You can also check out this list for some favorite healthy snack.

Here is a little comparison of the boxes pictured below, these are some of the more popular lunchboxes out there.

  • Thermos cups are great for hot meals, like pasta or soups.

  • I absolutely love our stainless steel boxes from Planet Box and probably use the large one the most. The smaller one is greet for younger kids or if your child doesn't typically eat too much in one meal (we used it for my sons first year in school + a snack). They offer 50% off on select items the months before school starts usually, this product will last you years and is worth the $$$!

  • The 3 plastic boxes on the left are Bentgo, the middle (purple) is on the smaller size and great for younger toddlers. The 2 gray ones have more space and the compartments are larger. I love the Bentgo Chill since it comes with a built in ice pack (right gray one) and I can easily pack things that must have an icepack in that box.

If you don't want to use a lunchbox, I love these stainless steel containers that are super easy for toddles to use and are light weight. Here you can find great plastic free sandwich bags and these goodt reusable bags, great for a sandwich and a snack.

Here I shared some of my kids favorite recipes if you need more ideas or you can check my recipe book HERE.

Note: you do not need multiple lunchboxes! I have many because this is the nature of my work and I have purchased a few extras to be able to provide you this information. If I were to pick a couple I would say Planetbox Rover and Bentgo Chill.


** Some of the links above may be affiliate links, which means Mamaguide will receive a small commission at no additional cost to you. When purchasing from these links you are supporting my work and allowing me to keep producing free content.


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