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Mother's Day Gift Guide

Updated: May 2, 2021

Great gifts for you, your mom or Mother in Law or any other mama you want to spoil.


Mothers day is around the corner! I put together some of my personal favorite items. If you want to know what I prefer, I love a nice card from my family and some good quality time with my husband and kids. A day where I don't have to worry about anything, food is ready, kids are ready and I take it easy. Dreamy right?!

I created 4 different lists for you because I know everyone has different needs, budgets and style. These are some items that I regularly use and a few of them are on my list currently. These all make great gifts for you, your mom or Mother in Law or any other mama you want to spoil.

Tip- Send this blog post to your hubby/spouse NOW.

Personal Care/Self Care

Just before my first was born I made lots of changes in my home, one change I made was switching out all my personal care to non-toxic personal care/self care items.

  1. I love Zoya nail polish! They have beautiful shades and the polish actually lasts!

  2. Ilia is what I use daily on my skin. I personally love their concealer and mascara but pretty much everything they have is great. (Did you know I am a licensed makeup artist? although I don't practice).

  3. Beauty by earth has such a great collection! I started using their line about 8 months ago and am so happy with it. I recently started convincing my husband to use their items as well. Use code MAMAGUIDE for 12% off your order.

Spoil Me Please!

  1. I am absolutely obsessed with my Birkenstock. I have the black pair and ordering the gray one for this summer. They are SO comfortable and match almost everything.

  2. These fluffy slippers are on my list! I have a similar pair but I want to get a new color so this is the one. Lots of great reviews.

  3. Cozy Earth pajamas are a MUST have! They are a bit more pricy but the softest set out there! I have a coupon code for you for 40% off use code: CE-MAMAGUIDE. If you want something more affordable, I love the Star Above Brand from Target and have about 3 of their sets.

  4. Hypervolt massage gun is my personal favorite! I was actually planning to get this for my husband a few years ago and he beat me to it. It's INCREDIBLE!

Do you workout? These are for you!

  1. I LOVE Lululemon and basically live in their leggings. I have tried many others but nothing comes close to their quality and feel. This is the latest pair I got along with this top. I also have this top from Amazon which I love to pair with my lulu leggings.

  2. Lululemon belt bag is such a cute bag to throw on you when running out of the house. I use this daily especially with the kids.

  3. I love these Nikes and they are great for workout or just with a cute outfit.

Who doesn't love custom gifts?

  1. You can never go wrong with a personalized mug, how cute is this one?

  2. These personalized shirts are so "in" now or maybe it's because I know too many moms. Super cute and lots to choose from. I also love this sweatshirt.

  3. Personalized jewelry is something every mom appreciates! I love this necklace here is another option and lastly this bracelet,

  4. I have been working on this personalized phone case! We recently did a family shoot so the new photos are being added here. You can choose one image or multiple and there are lots of designs to pick from.

For the House

Technically mother's day should be all about you but I love me some big items for the house that we don't typically go out and just buy.

  1. I love this blender from Nutribullet, they have lots of cute colors to choose from.

  2. Simple Organic Bamboo has some of the softest and best sheets and throws. This is a must have at every home. I have 25% off for you with code MAMAGUIDE

  3. Dyson!!! If you don't have one you need one. I highly suggest splurging a bit more and getting the V11. This is life changing (for me) especially with 2 toddlers and a dog.

  4. Force of Nature I was so relieved when I found out about this brand, I learned exactly how and why it works and fell in love. I am getting a set for my mother for mother's day! Use code: MAMAGUIDE for 20% off your order.

Wishing you a beautiful, stress-free, tantrum free Mother's Day.


** Some of the links above may be affiliate links, which means Mamaguide will receive a small commission at no additional cost to you. When purchasing from these links you are supporting my work and allowing me to keep producing free content.



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