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  • Aida Garcia

Mealtime Essentials Non-Toxic Switches for Kids

Updated: Jun 9, 2021

By: Aida G founder of NON-TOXIC MUNCHKIN


Today let's focus on mealtime for kids.

Generally you will find the main rule is to step away from plastic…

However, I want to share other materials you want to minimize or source carefully (only high quality items):

  • Melamine: is suspected of causing damage to the bladder and kidneys when continuously exposed to high heat (never microwave nor place in dishwasher)

  • Wood: some wooden plates come sealed with lacquers that could wear down with use. Ideally look for wooden items that are sealed/finsihed with natural beeswax, walnut oil, beeswax, carnauba wax. Always follow care instructions carefully

  • Bamboo: all bamboo mugs and plates can release high amounts of the toxins when exposed to heat (up to 30 times the EU’s safe limit for adults and up to 120 times the limit for children) this is because in order to make bamboo cups and plates you usually need Melamine and formaldehyde containing resins.

  • Silicone: low quality and bright colored silicone can contain lead and fillers and can leach siloxanes when exposed to heat. Always confirm your silicone is platinum or medical grade and has been tested for lead and contains no fillers.

Switch this: for this!

  • Plastic ‘BPA‘ free baby bottles SWITCH TO glass or stainless steel baby bottles

  • Plastic blender for baby food —— Beaba Babycook Neo - no plastic comes into contact with the food!

  • Sippy cup ——— stainless steel

  • Melamine plates —— stainless steel, glass covered with silicone.

    • Some brands I like:

      • KiddoBloom

      • Cutelery

      • Ezpz

        • Plastic suction bowls ——— stainless steel and silicone.

      • Avanchy: stainless steel with silicone.

        • ‘Safety’ heat sensitive spoons ——- stainless steel, or high quality silicon.

      • KiddoBloom makes great options in all stainless steel.

      • Avanchy: mixes silicone with a bamboo handle.

      • Avanchy stainless steel spoons with a silicone handle.

        • Plastic cups ——— glass, stainless steel.

      • Elk and friends: made of glass with silicone protector and silicone straws

      • Cutery: all stainless steel.

        • Plastic PVC or laminated placemats ——- clothes or silicone.

A new mom may find this more helpful as she can go and by everything from scratch but if you already have many of these, don't feel overwhelmed. Start with baby steps, switch what you can, things that finish or break and make sure to snag items when on sale.


Check out the guide Non-Toxic Munchkin and MamaGuide created together, all about nontoxic essentials for babies. Check it our here.



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