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Back-To-School Healthy Snacks

It is back to school season and one question that keeps coming up is "can you share some healthy snack ideas? the answer is YES!

I am on the same boat as you and am always looking for new grab-and-go snacks for the entire family. Back to school time means you may have to pack some snacks in their backpack or need to grab simple snacks as you go for pick up and after school activities.

I GET IT! So I made a list of some of our favorite on-the-go snacks and tried to group them in separate categories for you.

Note: Fresh foods, homemade fruits & veggies are always best when possible. Below are just some ideas on top of those.

Fruit Snacks We Love:

Note: I like to limit these per week because these are sweet and are sticky for the teeth. A great tip from our dentist- pair these with a carrot or cucumber to help clean the teeth after. That is a great life long tip to teach the children!

1. Fruit Rolls @bearnibbles_us (Costco for best price. Can be found at whole foods and Smart & Final as well)

2. Frooze Balls (Trader Joes)

3. Mango bars (Trader Joes)

4. Dino Bars CODE: MAMAGUIDE10

5. That's It Bars (Costco for best price. Can be found at Whole Foods as well.)

6. Solely (Can be found at Whole Foods)

Thrive Market Snacks:

You can try a subscription here and receive $40 off your first order!

1. Veggie chips

2. Apple Sauce

3. From The Ground Up Pretzels

4. Avocado oil Potato Chips

5. GoMacro Mini Bars

Other Snacks We Love:

1. Pretzels (Costco)

2. Made Good oat balls (Costco for value pack)

3. Bare Apple Chips (Best price, Costco)


5. GimMe Seaweed (Whole Foods)

6. Simple Mills Crackers (Whole Foods for individual packs, Costco for Value packs).

7. Cauliflower Crisps (Trader Joes)

8. Unreal Chocolate (for a sweet treat)

Home Made Favorites:

Find all of these recipes and some others on this highlight.

1. Veggie Banana Bread

2. Oat Cookies

3. Cereal Bars

4. Granola Bars

For Babies:

2. Once Upon a Farm Pouches (Costco for Best Price)


4. Puffworks

Some of the links on here are affiliate links.





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