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24 Toys For Your 4 Year Old

You might start realizing that your almost or already 4 year old is starting to play differently with their toys and with others. Right around this age children change a bit and become better at cooperative play since they now better understand the concept of "sharing" and "mine/yours." As creative play develops more, you will begin to see a lot of pretend play and using their imagination much more than before. All together their interests and their fascination by things change dramatically.

I put together a list of toys and things your 4 year old will find interest in. This list is for boys and girls and please keep in mind that while this list has a lot of suggestions, not all might be of interest for your specific child. Always consider your child's current interests and try to follow that. For instance if you child is into opening boxes and using tools follow that lead. If your child is into trucks, change up the puzzle option to a truck version.

Generally, you want to look at open ended toys and ones that will live long, can be used in many ways and don't dictate the play for your child.

Mama Guide's Top 24 Toys For 4 Year Olds:

17. Zingo

. XOXO Hila

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