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"I'm Having a Baby!"

You might be four months pregnant or seven months pregnant, and decided it's time to shop for your baby. You started googling all the things you need for your baby but only come to realize that there are too many options to choose from and you are not sure which brands are the best and safest for your baby.

We Got You Covered!

Curated list of the essentials: 20 categories

Minimum of 3 options per category

What ingredients to look for

What ingredients to avoid

2 bonus pages

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This Guide Includes: 

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Let Us Help You!

Purchasing products for your baby can be overwhelming with all the options available on the market. In this guide we researched and choose our top rated, mom approved, non-toxic options in 20 categories to make mom life a bit easier for you! 


“This guide was very helpful in understanding what exactly I needed to look for for a newborn. Not only was it helpful that you provided multiple options for each, but the fact that you listed what specifically should be avoided and is unsafe for the child really helped me a lot. Also, the best part about the guide for me was that when I would search things online, a lot of websites make you feel as if there is only one option that is better than all the others. With yours, I don’t feel like I could make the wrong choice, but more that I’m learning what is important for a newborn.”

Charlotte D

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