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Babies in Playroom


"How Can I Best Stimulate My Baby?"

You made it through pregnancy, birth, the first diaper, feeding, and nights at home. Once you have your routine down you might start to wonder:

>> "How do I play with my baby?"


>> "How can I help my baby's brain develop?"

We had the same thoughts so we compiled all the information we had into a guide, with help from Kelly Smith, a Neuropysch RN! She specializes in teaching the science of behavior. She teaches all about self-regulation and minimizing behavior struggles. Together we brought to life this ultimate guide just for you. 

Did you know that your baby's brain will grow faster in the first few years than at any other time during their life. As many as 1 million new neural connections are formed every second during the first few months. More than 60% of your baby's energy goes into growing their brain!

So how do you support brain development in your baby?

Don’t worry, you are in the right place. We put together a guide to get you started with perfect brain-building play for the first year.  

Copy of Copy of build a baby brain .png

In This Guide We Cover: 

What activities support a developing brain

Activities that maintain a strong brain

How to incorporate brain-based play

Activities that lay the foundation for language and literacy

The optimal environment for a healthy brain 


We got you!

Kelly and I have put together this guide to help you through the stages of play, help you understand the benefits of play and the different ways to engage with your little ones to best develop their growing brains and more. 

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This guide was exactly what my husband and I have been looking for!

Our boy is 2 months old and we learned so much! We feel like we can offer so much more to our son now.  

Ray R.

About the Authors

After having my first child in 2018 I started MamaGuide, a creative outlet to help new mothers transition into motherhood. I quickly learned that adapting to motherhood and the wealth of advice that came along with it, was not one size fits all. This made me want to create a platform that could connect and help mothers around the world. 


Kelly Smith, RN, BSN is the Founder of Movement Matters® which is a community dedicated to the support and education of parents and caregivers. Movement Matters ® focuses on teaching the science of behavior and self-regulation.  They educate and support families in implementing activities they can do at home to build better brains to reduce anxiety, improve self-regulation, and decrease behavior challenges.


Kelly Smith

Hila Bahari

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