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My Top 6 Teething Tips

Updated: Mar 26, 2021

Tips and tricks that have helped us over the years.


There’s nothing more heartbreaking and frustrating than seeing your little one going through the teething period. This happens so many times throughout the first 2 years, fortunately there are a few things we can do to help our little ones during this painful time.

What I recommend:

1. Freeze celery and hand to baby once frozen. This has worked well for so many mamas! Always, make sure your baby is supervised if too young while using these. It's best to cut to finger length pieces before freezing.

2. Camilia drops by @boironusa have worked amazing for us during the fussy nights of teething. I absolutely love this natural remedy it is made of plant based camomile extract and it is safe for babies. This is a better alternative to pain relievers and numbing agents.

3. Wet a small washcloth with camomile or water and pop in the freezer for a co

uple hours. You can use this during play time as well and babies of all ages love this one! I like using these washcloths.

4. Momsicles worked great for both my kids! Make sure to use a small mold like this one so you don’t waste your breastmilk. This is usually for babies over 4 months old that are capable of grabbing and bringing an item to their mouth (usually). If your baby is eating solids you can also freeze fruit or yogurt as well.

5. Teethers are great, there are so many options out there, make sure to choose a non-toxic teether and those with bristles like this one or anything similar work amazing. We also love frozen teethers like this Mam one.

6. Offer all the cuddles and feeding sessions your little one needs.

I Have also created an easy-to-shop list with all my favorite teething gear, you can check it out here.

Note - not all babies may experience the pain during all or some teeth emerging.

Remember, this too shall pass. .


** Some of the links above may be affiliate links, which means Mamaguide will receive a small commission at no additional cost to you. When purchasing from these links you are supporting my work and allowing me to keep producing free content.


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