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I am having a baby, will I ever sleep again?

Congratulations, Mama! If you’re here, you’re likely either expecting (and your little one will be here in no time!) or in the very early days of life with your new baby. You might be hearing things like:

"Sleep now because when baby arrives you won't be sleeping much”


"Don’t expect to get any rest in the newborn stage."

But, while newborn sleep is certainly unpredictable at times, there ARE ways to get started on the right foot with good sleep!


So, how do you start healthy sleep from Day One with baby?

If you’re getting ready to welcome a new baby, and want to prepare for healthy sleep habits for your little one, we’ve got you covered!  We are here to provide you with the right tools and resources to feel confident as you navigate your first year as a parent. 

This Guide is about sleep education for parents, and instilling realistic goals, great sleep routines and healthy habits from an early age.

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This guide will help you set up a foundation for great sleep for your new baby, with a focus on:

The perfect sleep environment

Safe sleep practices

Building a healthy sleep foundation from the beginning – awake times, sleep cues, and great sleep routines for baby!

Naps and nights – what to concur first and why

Transitioning from parent’s room to baby’s room

Sleepwear – keeping baby safe and cozy

How to transition from bassinet to crib (parents room to own room)

Awake times from birth to toddlerhood

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We got you!

This guide does not provide any harsh methods, the information provided is evident based and is both formula and breastfeeding friendly. 


This eBook is ideal for expecting parents as it lays the basic foundation for a successful sleeper! 

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I got this guide right on time!


One week before my baby was born and I learned so much! I quickly ordered some of the stuff we didn't have and I now feel so much more confident to do better with my newborn which is my second child.

Stella G.

About the Authors

After having my first child in 2018 I started MamaGuide, a creative outlet to help new mothers transition into motherhood. I quickly learned that adapting to motherhood and the wealth of advice that came along with it, was not one size fits all. This made me want to create a platform that could connect and help mothers around the world. 


Hi! I'm Erin Junker, Pediatric Sleep Consultant and Founder of The Happy Sleep Company, a team of Infant & Toddler Sleep Consultants dedicated to helping parents help their children get healthy rest.


I firmly believe that a well-rested family is a happier, healthier family.

With a Master’s Degree in Health Communications and a Certificate in Infant & Toddler Sleep Consulting, my team and I work closely with families - both one-on-one and through our online resources - to get them great sleep.


Erin Junker

Hila Bahari

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